About Us

Our restaurant Loggia and Coslovich Shop are in the very centre of picturesque town of Oprtalj. Optralj beckons with its beauty of a small Istrian town, the ambiance of times passed and unforgettable landscapes.


  • A long time ago

    Our ancestors have forever been making wine and olive oil. It is a tradition enveloping several generations...

  • 1998

    Won our first gold medal for olive oil at the Oleum Olivarum competition in Krasica.

  • 2005

    Won our first gold medal for wine at the wine show in Livade for original Istrian Terran.

  • 2005

    Opened our first shop and taste room in Oprtalj inside the city loggia.

  • 2011

    Opened our new shop and tasting room in Oprtalj near the town loggia that is still in business.

  • 2011

    Converted the location of our first shop inside the town loggia into a renowned restaurant Loggia.

  • 2012

    Awarded a high fourth place at the gastro show in Tinjan for best cold cut in Istria.

  • 2017

    At the international Olive Days in Zadar, won gold medal for our olive oil Olivetto placing it in the top ten oils of the Adriatic region.

  • 2017

    Our wines are recognized in European circles and they are enjoyed in European parlament.

  • Today

    Our wines have won numerous medals at competitions and shows such as Vinistra, Gračišče and Kastav, and our restaurant has been recommended in may gastronomy guides as a must-visit place for Istrian delicacies.

Our pride!

Our products are our children and we are equally proud of all. However we must highlight some of our visitors’ favourites or some that have won prestigious awards!


A mature, unfiltered and fine wine from the Malvasia variety, made exclusively with chosen grapes. It is macerated for 10 days on natural yeast and aged for 10 months in oak barrels. The aroma is reminiscent of ripe apricots and Mediterranean spices. A very rich and intense flavour.


Extra virgin olive oil of the highest quality, made by a pure mechanical process by cold press in order to maintain the nutritive value and flavour of the olives. This oil was awarded gold medal on one of the most prestigious competitions in Croatia, Olive Days in Zadar, and has entered the TOP ten oils in Croatia with an enviable competition and was marked with a score of 99.25 out of the possible 100.


White tartufata is a gastronomic delicacy intended for making aromatic sauces and spreads. It enhances the taste of any meal and gives it a refined note. It is an irreplaceable ingredient when making home-made pasta with truffles or omelettes.

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